Why Choose MCG Strategic?

MCG Strategic specializes in producing creative brand technology solutions that are designed with the primary goal of positioning people for success. Everything we create serves to enable growth, improve organizational and customer efficiency, solve process challenges, provide data and operational insight, empower users, and encourage engagement and adoption of your services. We take the time to learn everything we can about you, your vision, your pains, and your successes – and we always consider your goals and strategies in the solutions we design. We are so much more than designers or software developers. At our core we are strategists, architects, and inventors that love helping people achieve great things.

Applied Experience

Since its inception in 2010, MCG Strategic has produced work for regional, national, and global businesses in a variety of industries; from technology, B2B and financial to healthcare, education, and retail. We are a perfect fit for clients striving to grow and conduct business with innovation and a progressive vision.