Creative Brand Technology

Empowering People Empowers Business

Our creative, brand, and technology solutions are designed to position people for success. Everything we create serves to enable growth, improve organizational and customer efficiency, solve process challenges, provide data and operational insight, empower users, and encourage engagement and adoption of your services.


Understanding Drives Growth

We take the time to learn everything we can about you, your vision, your pains, and your successes –and we always consider your goals and strategies in the solutions we design.


Passion Creates Achievement

We are so much more than designers or software developers. At our core we are strategists, architects, and inventors that love helping people achieve great things.


Success Stories

  •  I just want to say thank you. I appreciate your creativity and dedication. It’s going to be awesome… nobody’s going to be able to touch us.

    Stefanie Adams - Benesyst, Inc., speaking about the BeneCenter Benefits Portal

  • YESSS! Excuse me while I do my happy dance around my office. I love it!

    Laura Dudley, National Sales Manager - Frankford Umbrellas

  • Phenomenal.

    Greg Karzhevsky - Chancellor of Jersey College, in response to Jersey College ‘Be Someone’ Campaign

  • You guys charge me up. I am so excited!

    Marc Kaufer - President of Frankford Umbrellas

  • I wake up at night from a nightmare where we didn’t hire MCG for this project.

    Doug Sell - AWE, Inc.

Who We Work With

We are industry agnostic. Following is a small sampling of the wide variety of our regional, national, and global clients in various industries.