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AWE, Inc.

Focused on Usability

AWE, Inc. is the national leader in early education systems in schools and libraries throughout the country and expanding into the global market. AWE engaged MCG Strategic to provide complete branding, website design, development and content management integration that would ultimately redefine the company's presence in the early-childhood learning market. MCG Strategic is continuing its relationship with AWE by developing an e-Commerce platform and a community-driven social learning platform to accompany their site.


Focused on Engagement

Acurian had a unique challenge… to connect potential Crohn’s Disease and IBD study participants with a study center at the exact time of flare up. MCG Strategic provided the engagement strategy, user experience and creative design of a mobile application to track the disease symptoms and identify flare situations. A creative concept to drive daily engagement was required for success. MCG Strategic provided the critical technical direction and expertise needed during the engineering phase to ensure connectivity between the app and the study center databases, while maintaining patient privacy when necessary.


Evolving Service with Technology

A national leader in benefits management outsourcing, Benesyst was faced with a common challenge. Although touting 18 years of experience and an unmatched reputation for customer service, Benesyst recognized the need to evolve to compete with the technology advances of their competitors. MCG Strategic was called upon to provide a range of services to meet this need—a new marketing website focused on core values of customer service, name and logo marks for new products and services, and an overhaul of their online benefits management platform servicing over 150K users. As a result of Benesyst's marketing and business efforts, they attracted and merged with another industry leader, realizing a position of great strength and combined success.

Bon Appétit Management Company

Attracting Quality Employees

BAMCO— an on-site restaurant company offering full food-service management to corporations, universities, museums, and specialty venues— has an established and effective online presence for attracting clients. But the process for attracting qualified employees was less than ideal. Forced to send potential employees to an external site, BAMCO lost the ability to maintain a consistent experience with their attractive brand. MCG Strategic was asked to integrate a job search capability within the BAMCO site to maintain the brand equity and provide the best user experience for those high-quality employee prospects. Successfully launched for salaried job openings, MCG Strategic will be extending the job search system for hourly openings in early 2018.


Re-configuring a Brand for a Global Approach

BROWZ is dedicated to defining the world of contractor compliance. With expert knowledge and intuitive software solutions, BROWZ has quickly moved into a position of global growth as well as product growth. MCG Strategic evolved the brand—repositioning BROWZ products to tell the story of the unique configurability offered to clients and suppliers. A new logo mark, tagline, messaging, product naming, responsive marketing website and marketing materials were launched in September 2014. Within the past three years, MCG Strategic designed and engineered three mobile apps, and branded and redesigned their web-based platform, OneView. Shared databases, connectivity in the field, and accommodating content for over 12+ languages were just some of the logistics that were successfully addressed in this award-winning set of products.


Assisting in the Field and Around the World

MCG Strategic has engineered various solutions for CertainTeed, a world-leader in quality building products. These include a mobile application to assist field installers with easy-to-access, up-to-date safety information and a large online digital asset library to provide sharing of files between marketing partners world-wide.

Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia

Creating Charitable Connections

The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia, a large non-profit organization focused on charitable giving, needed a way to better connect with the community online. MCG Strategic created a welcoming new website focused on charitable gift-giving and driving participation. By showcasing donor stories, the site illustrates the breadth of giving in the Philadelphia Catholic community to people of all faiths. While the existing brand was maintained, an evolution of the creative defined an overall clean, open, intuitive user interface, clearer structure and flexible mobile views, enabling a new way to create valuable community connections. Since site launch, the Foundation’s charitable funds have increased from five to over 28 offerings— an impressive sign of charitable success.

Chartwell Family Oasis

Diving into summer with ease

Chartwell Family Oasis has experienced success with the recent launch of their summer day camp program. However, they needed a new website to surpass the competition, while supporting organic local search and marketing outreach efforts. MCG provided a solution that gave them the refreshing look they needed while unifying their back office management platforms and streamlining registration and communication processes.

CRW Graphics

Making brand evolution work

CRW Graphics was ready for a brand shift to position themselves accurately as an innovations company not just providing exceptional quality printing, but with an outstanding capability to meet customer needs through innovative technologies. MCG Strategic designed and developed a new website to communicate their ‘high-tech, hi-touch’ philosophy, demonstrate core values, promote a cohesive family of products and provide an easy-to-use business platform for internal and external users.

DH Capital

Investing where it matters

DH Capital, a national investment firm specializing in backing infrastructure, communications and technology needed to up it's game in communicating using technology. Their website gave an impression of experience, but did not have the forward-thinking approach that represented who they were. MCG Strategic created a new brand identity and a modern website that allowed them to easily showcase and manage multiple press releases and transaction tombstones—key in proving their expertise in the field.

Dr. Selects Medical

A Selective Process

When a prominent Orthopaedic surgeon decided to meet his patients’ questions about nutritional needs by creating his own formulated line of vitamins, he turned to MCG Strategic to help determine the best way to sell online. With unique requirements, such as automatic reordering and simple backoffice invoice/ label shipping, a customized approach was needed. MCG Strategic developed a solution that is robust for future growth, yet easy-to-use and with a clean design that will make ordering a breeze across multiple devices. Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Dumont Aviation

A Merger Takes Off

What happens when a small jet charter service, an aviation repair business and a aircraft parts service organization decide to merge into one company? They reach out to a partner for help consolidating into one strong corporate aviation brand. With the exciting new brand roll-up, the Volo Direct brand was kept in response to strong brand equity. MCG Strategic designed and developed a fresh, new website to be user-friendly, easy-to-use and showcase parts and services. Strong call-to-actions and opportunities for initiating sales contact were prominently placed. An inviting approach including video and a full browser experience appeals to flight enthusiasts and customers. This new brand has strong lift-off.

Éclat Chocolate

Robust Online Tastes

When renowned Master Chocolatier, Christopher Curtin from Éclat Chocolate experienced a surge in attention within the culinary scene, he needed his retail website to support the brand and an increase in sales. MCG Strategic evolved a basic site into an easy-to-manage storefront that reflects the richness of his chocolates along with the influences of his global travels and inspirations. In addition, MCG provided a streamlined and more efficient backend shipping process—a critical effort to ensure the chocolate melts in customers' mouths, not in shipping boxes.

Hachik Distributors, Inc.

In the Business of Fun

Hachik Distributors—a family-owned, 90-year-old business—was ready for a change. Playing in a sea of blue, Hachik believed it was time to stand out from their competition. Drawing inspiration from a beachy summertime palette and a strong customer service message, MCG Strategic evolved the Hachik brand across all marketing vehicles. From trade show booths and B2B print ads to an overhauled online ordering system focusing on usability and an interactive sales presentation, Hachik quickly gained attention from customers and competition alike. After decades in the business, they definitely made a big splash.

Jersey College

Measuring the Degree of Success

When The Center for Allied Health & Nursing Education decided to seek official college status for their expanding campuses, they came to MCG Strategic for help in renaming the school and creating a new brand, as well as communicating the transition to current students and partners. With five campuses spanning service areas for six states, they focused on the website and SEO as their primary marketing vehicle. Actionable content, search engine optimization and robust analytics were paramount to its success. MCG Strategic rose to the challenge—creating Jersey College's new logo, brand, messaging, catalogs, brochures, promotional items, banners, admissions materials and postcards in addition to the mobile-friendly website, email templates and automated online system for routing prospect leads. Enrollment is up. And Jersey College has captured its path to success.

MCG Strategic

Increasing Efficiency with Technology

We get excited here at MCG Strategic when we can apply custom technology solutions to our business to make it run faster and more effiently. We also sometimes like to experiment, try new methodologies and just be fun and creative.

National Catholic Bioethics Center

Life Beyond an Outdated Platform

NCBC— an organization that has been providing life sciences and healthcare ethics guidance to the Catholic community since 1976—faced growing challenges in providing online access to their services and resources. With NCBC’s needs outpacing the capabilities of their third-party resource management platform, MCG Strategic designed and implemented a new document management and site membership system that integrates seamlessly with their site and content management system. Enterprise search engine capabilities were added to the site to allow site visitors to conveniently search NCBC’s massive repository of PDF documents. Because access to resources is based on a visitor’s membership status, MCG Strategic implemented a security model to allow public searching of document content, but restricted visitor access to documents without a membership account.

New First Financial Resources

Connecting Colleagues

When New First Financial Resources needed a better way for associates to share resources and support each other in business, MCG Strategic developed a user-friendly member portal. File sharing, networking, event announcements, and valuable resources provide the members with the support they need to conduct better business across the country at any time, from any place.


Analyzing the PDI Advantage

PDI, the industry leader in healthcare infection prevention products, needed a way for their sales representatives to show the superior effectiveness of PDI products compared to equivalent competitor products. MCG Strategic, in alliance with Renavatio Healthcare Communications, designed and engineered Advantage Analyzer— a suite of product comparison tools that provide easy-to-read reports for efficacy, SKU cross reference and surface compatibility for healthcare facility, interventional care and patient care disinfectant products. Sales reps can walk through the app with a client or prospect by selecting the competitor products currently used, and the equivalent PDI product. Resulting comparison reports can be shared via email, a secure link, or as a downloadable PDF. The launch of Advantage Analyzer was a complete success in the organization. The internal excitement led to requests by several other groups within the organization asking for their products to be added to the suite of tools in early 2018.

SaaS Capital

Fueling Online Growth

SaaS Capital, an Ohio-based financier focused on technology, needed to launch a site quickly to coincide with their new fund offerings, while creating a new brand for their venture. They turned to MCG Strategic. With a new logo, brand personality and messaging, their site captured the attention of the industry and announced their arrival onto the playing field with just the right tone and messaging. The site quickly became an effective business tool for engaging prospects requiring funding. Utilizing Concrete5 for content management, SaaS Capital is able to create and manage their online marketing efforts in-house and with ease.


Tracking Health

For a large multi-national corporation, controlling employee healthcare benefits costs is paramount. Saint-Gobain introduced the LiveWell program that encourages their employees to live healthier lives. To augment their efforts, Saint-Gobain hired MCG Strategic to design and develop a mobile app that allowed their employees to track various recommended healthy activities on a daily basis. The app communicates with a central database and stores each employee's activity progress for later analysis. This data allows Saint-Gobain to offer rewards and identify employee trends.


Scan and Save

Spinsaver, a Pennsylvania-based business promotion service similar to Groupon, wanted to improve their redemption process for their merchants. With a new merchant-focused app, developed by MCG Strategic, vouchers are easily redeemed with a quick scan and database check from any iOS or Android phone or tablet device. The app has been so well received—consumers asked for their own SpinSaver app - and MCG delivered. Now consumers can view deals, purchase vouchers, and redeem via app-to-app scanning with the merchant app.

Synergy Events

Bigger than Big

If top brands need recognition in New York City, they call Synergy Events. In the business for decades, this PR and events promotions agency knows how to pull out all the big stops, but needed a push for their online presence. MCG Strategic delivered with an evolved logo mark and a mobile-friendly, responsively designed site with large, billboard-style images—showcasing the excitement that is Synergy.


A Total Integration Experience

TASC (Total Administration Services Corporation) Inc., a fast-moving corporate player in administration outsourcing, engaged with MCG Strategic to help integrate their multiple benefit platforms servicing over 500,000 users by enhancing and improving user experience to align with specific business objectives. Streamlined focus on the user interface, a user experience design (UI/UX) overhaul and in-depth, smart engineering to interface with TASC’s various databases, platforms and frameworks in a flexible, mobile approach has resulted in a new offering touting increased user and customer satisfaction.

TE Connectivity

Launch support for a big initiative

TE Connectivity sponsored an exciting development in network connectivity and needed a brand identity and website to launch technical specifications and documentation for adopters of this new specification. MCG Strategic created a vibrant logo and a mobile-optimized site to highlight the features and benefits, and developed an online document repository for members to easily share information. MicroQSFP is now positioned to make a big impact in high-speed data transfer.

The Satell Institute

Inform. Engage. Impact.

Ed Satell, a longstanding leader in charitable giving, launched a unique Think and Do Tank that has quickly become a premier resource and knowledgebase for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). His foundation called upon MCG Strategic to develop a new brand, website and marketing materials to position the Satell Institute as the experts in the CSR field. Strong call-to-actions and opportunities for initiating contact are the prominent focus. A professional, inviting messaging approach, demonstrating Satell’s experience and expertise was used to inform, engage and impact the audience from the outset. Built for growth, the website was implemented with an enterprise content management system that supports Satell’s roadmap for providing membership-based resources, content and corporate mentorship in CSR.

Walnut & West

Powerful commerce needs, packaged in an eclectic design

Walnut & West, a brand new online furniture merchant was looking for an e-commerce solution to market to a highly aesthetic customer base, but had unique needs for their sales model. MCG Strategic provided an easy-to-use, mobile-optimized shopping experience with a clean visual design, as well as an intuitive administration section for order management with robust tools for accommodating the requirements of selling diverse types of products. This eclectic mix of antique and modern furnishings is now open for business.

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About MCG Strategic

Focused on creative problem-solving through technology and smart design

MCG Strategic was formed with the goal of providing branding, strategic marketing and worldclass creative and technology-driven solutions for clients striving to grow and conduct business with innovation and a progressive vision. Since its inception in 2010, MCG has produced work for regional, national and global businesses in a variety of industries; from technology, B2B and financial to healthcare, education and retail.

President / Technology Director
Joe McGarvey

Joe McGarvey

President/Technology Director

Joe has over 18 years experience as a technology leader in the corporate marketing industry, having produced award-winning work as Director of Technology for several Philadelphia-based agencies. An entrepreneur by nature, Joe founded MCG Strategic in 2010 with the goal of providing branding, strategic marketing, technology-driven solutions and world-class creative for clients striving to grow and conduct business with innovation and progressive vision. His enthusiastic leadership enables companies of all sizes to harness the instruments needed to be a competitive player in today's technology-driven business environments. Joe graduated from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia with Honors.

Principal / Creative Director
Lisa Kaczar

Lisa Kaczar

Principal/Creative Director

Lisa leads the creative vision at MCG Strategic with over 17 years of advertising, design and interactive experience. As Creative Director, Interactive Director and Brand Consultant she has conceptualized and created countless high-profile campaigns and brand marketing vehicles for clients in the Financial, B2B, Healthcare/Pharma, Education, Technology, Real Estate and Retail industries. Lisa's talents have been recognized via ADDY awards, Philly Gold awards, and as a finalist in the International One Show Interactive Annual Awards. Lisa holds a Bachelor's degree in Scientific Illustration and Graphic Design and has completed graduate work in web development at Moore College of Art. Lisa has taught professional classes in Web Usability, User Experience & Information Architecture and Social Media.

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"I wake up at night from a nightmare where we didn't hire MCG for this project."

Doug Sell, AWE Inc., regarding AWELearning.com

"I just want to say thank you. I appreciate your creativity and dedication. It's going to be awesome… nobody's going to be able to touch us."

Stefanie Adams, Benesyst Inc., speaking about the BeneCenter Benefits Portal


Greg Karzhevsky, Jersey College, in response to Jersey College 'Be Someone' campaign creative

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